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Your Feature: Round 3 Results


After choosing “Show training progress” and “Application to host a European Final” in the first two rounds of FIFA Managers Your Feature the community have spoken once again selecting “Permanent moral loss of underpaid players” to be added to this years game. So make sure you keep your star players happy.

More good news is that Your Feature Round 4 is now open for voting too and these are your options:

A) Manager achievements
Winning titles isn’t enough for you? We will create additional challenges within the actual game. If you should succeed in these tasks the game will become more difficult. A detailed scoring system will keep you informed about your achieved goals and lets you also compare your skills to other managers out there. At the same time, the challenges stand for a tutorial which shows you many new game functions.

B) Categories for the watch list
Players can be put into categories on your watch list. This will help you to not lose the overview.

C) Ranking of player with most assists and scorer points after league games
On the post match screen you can now also directly see the players with most assists as well as the best scorers.

D) Build a new stadium
If you are tired of long lasting stadium re constructions and renovations this feature should be your choice. You can now build a new stadium from scratch, which will not be used until fully constructed. You can decide on the yearly funds you want to invest in its construction and let the stadium construction go on. Once the stadium is finished you will play your games there and the old ground will be pulled down.

E) Cup status
In the “1st team” section we already have a status screen for the league containing some general cup updates. We will reconstruct this area so every cup competition receives a separate screen containing all previous results and the respective group tables.

Amazingly some of the community based features picked in Your Feature have already been implemented so make sure you take a look at the “Thread of fulfilment” for the latest updates.

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