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Your Feature: Round 5


It might be all quiet on the FIFA console front at the moment but the for FIFA Manager 12 it’s all systems go. No sooner had we brought you the news that “Build a Stadium” was the community feature chosen in Round 4 and now Round 5 is open and ready for your votes. Here are your options:

A) Automatic depiction of important events in calendar
Some events play an important role in FIFA MANAGER, nevertheless one tends to forget them and rediscovers them when they occur or when they are already in full swing. An example is the start and end of the transfer period.

B) Goal keeper statistics
We add an all-time table for goal keepers showing how long a goalie lasted without conceding a goal. Furthermore the list contains how many against goals they conceded on average and in total.

C) Instant calculation
We will overhaul many areas of the instant calculation screen. An additional screen with improved structure for the single player mode will be added, we will create more space for the game events, we’ll add a big clock and on top we will add the event bar. We will also make the calculation speed flexible; however the preset will remain “instant”.

D) Random events that influence character traits and certain player abilities
We include new messages containing new character traits like for example “trains unwillingly” or “trains ambitiously”. These always come along with a little line of text that goes something like “Your player X achieved everything. His motivation to appear on time for training fades. He receives the character trait “trains unwillingly”.

E) Last 24 hours of the transfer period
Finally you will be able to put your own players on the market in the last hours before the transfer window finally closes its curtains.

As always you can cast your vote by visiting the FIFA Manager Site

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