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Your Feature Round 6


Round 6 of FIFA Manager’s Your Feature is now open for business after option “E) Last 24 hours of the transfer window” was chosen as the winner of Round 5. That’s the option I voted for and I have to say it’s about time a football management game represented the carnage that is transfer deadline day. Your options for Round 6 are as follows…

A) Training goals
We integrate the option “adopt for all players”, “adopt for all goal keepers”, “adopt for all defenders”, “adopt for all midfielders”, “adopt for all forwards”. This will extremely accelerate the setting of the training goals.

B) Generated player heads in the line-up screen
We’ll put an end to the uniform player heads in the lineup screens by using the 3d heads instead. However, this is not so easy to implement as it may sound. Especially since the conversion of 3d faces in the middle of the game is time-consuming and drastically slows down the build-up of the screens.

C) European Cup statistics
We integrate all-time for appearances and goals in international competitions as well as a respective set of statistics.

D) Trial Day
The chance for every hobby footballer! Everyone who is convinced he is a talented player can sign up for this. You select various exercises in order to sort the wheat from the chaff and determine which player might actually have a real chance as a professional footballer. Chase them up and down the stadium stairs or let them push medicine balls. Your assistant coach is looking forward to this day for the whole year.

E) Reactivate Live-Training
A very old feature from Total Club Manager 04. Each week, you have the option to conduct a single training unit on your own and to determine all the exercises that will be part of this session. But be careful and don’t get them overpowered or your players may revolt.

As always cast your vote by visiting the Official FIFA Manager website.

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