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Your Feature Round 7


FIFA Manager’s Your Feature Round 6 is now over and the community have chosen option D) “Trial Day” which will allow you to conduct open trials to try and find that hidden gem. So save the £10 million you were planning to spend on that 16 year old Brazilian prodigy and have a look a little closer to home.  This means that Your Feature Round 7 is now open for business and these are your options:

Cast your vote at www.FIFA-Manager.com

A) Random events that influence character traits and certain player abilities
We include new messages containing new character traits like for example “trains unwillingly” or “trains ambitiously”. These always come along with a little line of text that goes something like “Your player X achieved everything. His motivation to appear on time for training fades. He receives the character trait “trains unwillingly”.

B) Show important skills not only for primary position
A check box enables you to also see the important skills for every position of a player in the player info window.

C) Retiring players
At the end of the season, a new screen appears displaying all players that have ended their career.

D) Speech before every game
Before every game the manager will be able to choose between several different speeches. If the team believes in his words they will go in the game strengthened, if they don’t believe in his words not the speech has no impact. The player will see the results of his speech after the match; if you chose an appropriate speech in front of the game you will gain the trust of your team and they will believe in your words at later games. If not, a negative effect will take place and your team will lose trust and morale.

E) Player History
In the Player Info we show under „History“ the total values for all the club matches of a season (goals etc.) and add the option “Total”, where all seasons are added up. In addition it is possible to view a chart of each of these values (matches, goals, assists, cards, Man of the Match, and Level).

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