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Your FIFA 10 DLC Wishlist


After the massive success of FIFA 09’s Ultimate Team DLC, EA have proven that they have some good ideas for content up their sleeves to prolong the life cycle of their football games. It’s clear that people are willing to pay money for some extra content looking at the amount of people who have purchased Ultimate Team so far.

EA has proved over the last few years that they are willing to bring new ideas to FIFA through DLC; along with Ultimate Team they have released new commentary packs, and of course the Adidas Live Season updates. So now that they’ve set the standard, what type of DLC would you like to see worked on for FIFA 10?

Another new game mode, regular releases of alternative commentary to keep things fresh, a stadium pack, a new league, or all of the above? Or do you think that DLC is a bad thing and that games developers should concentrate on fitting as much into the retail game as possible? Do you think any FIFA DLC should be free?

As always, let us know your thoughts on our forums!

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